Bank of New Zealand

Mobile Apps

The Bank of New Zealand mobile apps were exciting projects to part of. Designing the UX and UI for the retail and business apps in both native device systems, was equally fun and challenging.
Working alongside a large team which included 20+ Developers, 10 Testers, two Product Owners and two BAs was instrumental for me. Their talent and knowledge supported me in helping to release exciting new features to a huge demographic with a highlight being the launch of Apple Pay. It was the most successful in-app integration that Apple had seen throughout the world.

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Healthy can be fun!

Fling is a fun and healthy juice range in Australia that is 100% natural and made daily. So how do you create a brand that encourages people to be healthy whilst feeling like they are having a treat? This was the task.


We are Works

Works is more than a coworking space, it’s a community. And a great one at that! We know this first hand because this is where Frame Studio is located.


Get your coffee fix

Zumo was established to cater for the working class, vehicle enthusiast, male demographic. Somewhere where blokes can pull up in overalls, grease on their hands and still get a great brew.
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