NZ Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)

Connecting people

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) offers strategic advice, research, and market intelligence to help Kiwi businesses grow abroad.

We were involved to create their internal portal that allowed their customers to log in and connect with other businesses with similar experiences. The portal is a hub where they can access loads of useful information, from learning materials and case studies, through to connecting one-on-one with mentors from around the world.

This was an interesting and eye-opening project from the get-go. From collating loads of information and research documents to pull together a useful hub of information was challenging but so rewarding. To be part of something that helps Kiwi businesses thrive was inspiring!

More work


Suncorp x ANZ

Suncorp Group Limited is an Australian finance, insurance and banking corporation. They have brands such as Vero Insurance, Asteron Life Insurance, and AA Insurance to name a few.

NZ Post

The Kiwi roadie

New Zealand Post required a set of stamps and supporting collateral that would sum up the New Zealand experience.


Healthy can be fun!

Fling is a fun and healthy juice range in Australia that is 100% natural and made daily. So how do you create a brand that encourages people to be healthy whilst feeling like they are having a treat? This was the task.
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