We are Works

Works is more than a coworking space, it’s a community. And a great one at that! We know this first hand because this is where Frame Studio is located.

With three unique coworking spaces (and growing) scattered throughout Christchurch, there is bound to be a space that fits the vibe of your start-up, fully flegded business, or your individual needs.

We loved helping Works create a website that reflects their personality and the unique style of each coworking space.

If you’re looking for a place to base yourself in Christchurch, visiting or on a permanent basis, then hit up Leon, Bri and Cat. They’re the best – you won’t regret it!

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New Zealand’s Tea

Chanui teas are hand-selected and taste-tested to ensure New Zealand’s best teas. But they don’t stop there! Why not accompany your tea with their range of bickies that taste just like how Nan used to make them?

WMS Group

Critical Minerals | Ports | Logistics

WMS Group is a privately owned critical minerals, ports and bulk logistics business based on the West Coast of Aotearoa New Zealand.


Get your coffee fix

Zumo was established to cater for the working class, vehicle enthusiast, male demographic. Somewhere where blokes can pull up in overalls, grease on their hands and still get a great brew.
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